Privacy Policy

Personal information

As a customer, you approve that we process your personal data. Kitcehntech Solutions LTD, 14979511, 21, Ellis Street, LONDON, London, SW1X 9AL, UNITED KINGDOM, is responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed properly. We store and update personal information to manage customer relationships and provide advantageous product and credit offers by phone, e-mail/SMS and other digital channels from us. You can also request that a copy of the personal data be corrected or deleted. A change of your name or address must be immediately notified to Cosori, via e-mail: .

We have a register of our customers who have shopped with us. The register contains personal information such as name, address/postal address, telephone number, electronic addresses, purchase history, delivery and payment information, and in some cases, social security number, and information based on digital services.

The information is used for invoicing, information and delivery of products, marketing and basis for statistics, product development and possible credit granting. The information is the basis for us, and sometimes our partners, to adapt the content of advertisements and offers. The information is analyzed and grouped within the selection, prioritization and planning of contacts with the customer.

The personal information will be able to be supplemented and synchronized with other private and public registers, such as, e.g. The National Register or credit information register, in connection with the decision and granting of credit or updating of address information. The personal information may be handed out to other companies or partners approved by Cosori, e.g. in connection with printing and distribution or for marketing. Personal information is given to the authorities only where it is required with the support of law or a decision from the authorities. The personal information is stored, and your approval of our processing of this is valid until you as a customer revoke the approval yourself, i.e. it is valid even if you do not make further purchases of products.

How is the personal data protected? To keep the personal data we process in safe custody, we have taken several measures to protect your data, including various technical and organizational security measures. Furthermore, we use firewalls and anti-virus software to protect and prevent unauthorized access to our network. Access to the places where personal data is stored is limited, and it is required that our employees must be identified for access. 

How long is the personal data stored?

 If you have approved being a registered customer/member with Cosori, your personal data will be stored until you unregister. You can unregister as a customer at any time. According to laws and regulations, your personal data is never stored longer than permitted.

About cookies

Cosori uses so-called cookies and similar techniques to see where Cosori’s digital services are used and adapt the user experience. Cookies consist of small text files and are a common online aid. The web browser reads and stores the cookie files in the equipment used to visit the websites. Cosori’s customers and registered users approve of the use of cookies. The user can set his web browser to block cookies and delete already saved cookies. In some cases, however, this can worsen the website’s functionality and experience.

On our campaign pages, the online store and other pages where we can gain insight into our customers’ and visitors’ interests in our products, cookies are used to adapt content and advertising. This is to manage functions within social media and to analyze traffic. Any use of such cookies is then clearly stated on the website in question. We only share information about these pages’ use with trusted social media, advertising and analytics partners. We and our advertising partners use cookies to adapt advertising and show relevant ads for those who have previously shown an interest in our products. We use, e.g. Google’s various functions for, among other things, customized advertising. You can opt out of Google’s advertising functions and other Google Analytics functions with the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. We also use, e.g., e.g. some of Facebook’s advertising functions. You can change how Facebook uses information based on your activities on various websites or apps outside of Facebook for advertising purposes in Facebook’s Advertising Settings. 

Permanent Cookies and Session Cookies

There are two types of cookies. A “permanent cookie” type stores a file on the visitor’s computer. It is used, for example, to adapt the website to the visitor’s wishes, choices and interests, to adapt external advertising and for statistical monitoring. The second type is called “session cookie”. While a visitor is on a website, it is temporarily stored in the visitor’s computer memory. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser. Our website uses both permanent cookies and session cookies. We use both cookie types for our advertising to make it more relevant for users and valuable for Cosori. They are used to make it possible to select advertisements based on what is relevant to the user,

We use session coolies for our visitor statistics. Websites often collect information about what users do during a visit. It can be about which pages the user visits most often and whether the user receives an error message on certain pages. We use cookies for session status to improve our offers and the website so that users have a better experience on the website. If you block or remove these cookies, it is still possible to use the website.

The IP number and domain address

Cosori stores visitor statistics on, among other things: the number of visits, the number of times certain pages are read, which web addresses the visitors come from and which search engines and keywords are used to get to us. This gives us a picture of what can be improved or removed. We can also see the name of your domain and host computer, for example, We store the IP number from your computer (server) and which browser and operating system you use. We also store the date and time you entered our website and which link you used. This information is not released but only used to improve our website and present the content better so visitors can find it. The visitor statistics do not contain any information or links to social security numbers, names, e-mail addresses or other personal information.

Processing of personal data as a job seeker

Cosori is responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed properly. We care for your personal data while the application process is ongoing. Information about persons who are not employed will be shredded.

When the employment relationship ends, the personal data is taken care of in accordance with the GDPR.